Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unbeatable records of Sivaji Vs false pride of Dasa!!

Friends, actually I am posting this after a deep thought. Since I wish to stick to my blog’s name I was little bit hesitant to post this. However, I could see many in opposition camp are going beyond limits and jumping sky high because of false pride and abusing our thalaivar and Sivaji very much.

Dosa gives way for ‘Podi pasanga’ movies

When Sivaji released no movie was able to release upto one month and no screen was totally removed. But Dasa has been removed in many screens to give way for ‘podi pasanga’ movies like Muniyandi and Subramaniapuram. When a movie is raining profits as claimed by Ex-Oscar how theatres would remove it?

But even after the removal in some screens, the ads released by the Aascar Movies show them in the ads without alteration.

Poyindhe…poye pochu…its gone…from theatres!!

Padmam, Aradhana (1 show playing), Adyar Ganapathiram, Chromepet Rakesh, Thiruvottiyur Odiyanmani, Madurantakam Alankar – these are all the theatres that removed Dosa already. But the ads show them as playing.

Above all this, production company’s ad beside in an English daily today tells that the movie is being played 45 shows in Mayajaal. But Mayajaal’s ad in the same paper shows that the movie is played only 18 shows.

Even in this small ad we see bundle of lies. How shall we believe their collection report and news?

Simple solution. DISCARD and DON’T CARE.

A LIE won’t turn TRUE even if it is repeated 1000 times!!

In his sound bites and interviews, Ex-Oscar can’t tell any Kamal movie as yardstick but simply pulling Sivaji and its collection and spinning yarn that Dosa collections has broke Boss’.

Only by Boss

In his life-time, Superstar never compared any other’s movie’s as yardstick or his producers or even trade observers. Because he always competes with his own movies and his movies alone created records which could be beaten only by Superstar and Superstar alone.

Many theatre owners are laughing while hearing that Dosa’s collection has touched and matched Sivaji’s.

What should we learn from Aascar and AVM?

We have to learn how to project an average movie into a superhit movie from Ex-Oscar and how to project a super-duper-hit movie as just an ordinary hit movie from AVM Productions.

During Sivaji release the whole Tamil Nadu and Tamil speaking regions across the globe witnessed the Sivaji fever and it settled only after a couple of weeks after the movie’s release.

The movie created several records including production cost, star remuneration, total prints, release theatres and total 100 days centres and total collections and profit etc. But all these were downplayed by a section of media – why even by AVM.

Sivaji created unimaginable records in many theatres.

Just a few drops from ocean.

1) Sivaji is the first movie to have 100 days run in Tiruchendur.

2) In Tirunelveli first movie to have 100 days run in 3 theatres.

3) Nagercoil – First movie to run in 2 theatres for 50 days and 1 theatre 150 days

4) Tutucorin – First movie to run for 125 days.

5) Kovilpatti – First movie to run for 120 days in 1 theatre and another theatre 90 days

6) Tenkasi – First movie to run for 100 days in Bhagyalakshmi theatre.

Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.,

(Please check the ads from Thanthi and Maalai Malar beside for more details. Click to ZOOM and read the ads)

Is the above records possible for any other movie? Will Dasa break atleast 10% of the above records? Ha..ha…ha…Will it be there in theatres after August 1?

Just look the ad…Is Sivaji was loss in some areas? Where all the collection amount gone?

The whole world knows that only a superstar film can break the above records.

But Ex-Oscar is portraying an average movie as a super hit collection movie which is struggling to run once you cross Chenglepet.

Important point to be noted is: Dasa is released by its producer since there were no takers for the rate they quoted. But Sivaji was sold in all areas for MG. Since Sivaji was released through distributors the movie can’t be made to run but only Dosa can be made to run since the producer himself released the movie.

Note: Kindly forward this mail with following URL to all of your friends and circles - not to spread our blog name - but to spread the unbeatable 100 days records created by Sivaji in all centres in this age of DVD and tv serials. Many might not have seen 100 days ad of Sivaji.

- Sundar,